Aphrodite Hills Property Purchase

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Property Purchase Procedure

Aphrodite Hills Real Estate Sales office offers hundreds of ready and off-plan properties at the Resort in all property categories – premium apartments, junior villas and luxury detached villas.  

1. Property Search

To begin a property selection process you may browse through the listings featured in our online catalogue, add them to Favorite page, compare shortlisted properties and complete the selection process by requesting additional details or scheduling a viewing at the Resort.  Another option is to request a personalized offer by filling the Questionnaire on the Home page of the website or contact us directly via email, phone, contact form or live chat.

To narrow down the search process among various options it is necessary to determine the basic search criteria:

Is there any specific part of the Resort that you prefer?

What type of property you require (apartment, junior villa, detached villa, land)?

What is the minimum and maximum budget for buying property in Cyprus?

What is the house area and plot area you require? How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

What is the reason for buying a property in Cyprus (i.e. investment, relocation, permanent residency, taxation, other opportunities)?

Are you interested in a new property, a resale property, or either? Would you consider investing in an off-plan project?

Do you have children? Do you have pets?

Do you or any members of your family have any disabilities, conditions, or other circumstances that would require specific accommodation features? Are stairs acceptable?

What are your pool preferences (no pool, private pool, communal pool)? Is mature landscaping important for you?

Do you have any other requirements (i.e. sea view, an office or a study, formal dining room, patio/deck, garage, tennis court, Jacuzzi, etc.)?

2. Property Viewing

Whether you are staying in Cyprus or planning a trip from abroad we will be pleased to facilitate your visit in all possible ways, including assistance with travel arrangements, preferential rates for staying in our Holiday Residences or Aphrodite Hills hotel by Atlantica, airport pickup, comprehensive Resort tour and more. Due to a sheer size of the Resort and variety of real estate for sale, please allocate reasonable time for your visit (minimum 3-4 hours, especially if you are new to the Resort). Apart from property viewing and inspection of the Resort facilities, we will be glad to offer you a 1-hour golf cart tour around the PGA National Cyprus Golf Course, allowing you to experience the authenticity of the Golf Resort in the most unique way.

Please note that for the golf cart tour on the course there is a dress code. Casual clothing is acceptable with sleeves for the men (shirts or polo shirts with collar).  No t-shirts are allowed. For the ladies any casual clothing is acceptable. No high heels. No denim clothing of any kind is allowed on the Golf Course both for men and ladies.

3. Reservation Agreement

Once the property is selected and you are ready to proceed with transaction execution, you will pay a reservation deposit for the chosen property (around 5% of the property price) and it will be withdrawn from the market. At the same time you may appoint a Cyprus lawyer to assist you with the legal aspects of the transaction. Please note, that you may sign a reservation agreement and complete property acquisition procedure without visiting Cyprus.

4. Completion of the Property Purchase

A selected property is reserved for a month time. During that month your lawyer will check the property documents and review sales agreement. Once you receive a confirmation from the lawyer that the agreement is ready, you may sign it and proceed with the payment of the whole amount of the property value or first installment (as per agreement). A stamp duty is paid upon signing the agreement. The lawyer also applies for a permission from the Council of Ministers of Cyprus for property acquisition, which is a required formality.

5. Registration of Documents

Once the purchase is completed the agreement must be registered in the District Land Department and the property entered in the Land Registry. This serves as a confirmation of the ownership right until the title of the owner is received. The Title Deed for the property is issued by the Land Committee after inspection of the built property. Once Title Deed is issued you will pay Transfer fee and become a registered home owner. Transfer fee is not applicable to new properties and land.

Detailed information on Cyprus Real Estate Taxes and Fees is available here.